Note to Self: Start Behaving Like a Good Mommy-to-Be

Happy 4th of July! What a way to spend the day! (with an emphasis on SPEND).

Had been shopping all day (and all the time during our stay in good ol’ America. I think I bought about 6 bags and 9 pairs of shoes by now. Can’t remember anymore. They’re all just tucked away in some luggage. If I couldn’t resist the cheap 9W flats, how could my pockets say no to the 7$ pair of gold BCBG flats?).

Hubby has exceeded retail expectations. Probably bought about 40++ pieces of clothing for himself by now (some costing just $2.50 each).

Had a great time this evening with the family gathering at Avon Lake, OH – it was a family reunion/June-July birthday celeb/June-July wedding anniv celeb/graduation/BABY shower (for me, of course). Was overwhelmed with sweet and awwww-inspiring baby gifts from cousins and aunties and uncles.

time to practice!!!

Is suddenly hit with a stab of guilt. Had been almost forgetting about being preggers if it weren’t for the constant reminders of seeing size 1 and 0 cutesy dresses on sale that I can’t fit into anymore. (plus the high kicks from the little creature: mommy-mommy-look-at-me-do-a-roundhouse!).

Note to me: remember to take note of note to self.


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