…is saying goodbye to OH

Went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo this morning. A cousin of mine works there as an elephant caretaker and it was his day off so we got back door passes = pet the mommy rhino and the baby rhino, pet a giraffe, had close up pictures taken with a hippo, and watched Jo the elephant bathe up close.

Uncle M took us on a van tour of Cleveland but I was too tired to appreciate it. Afterwards, we went to Progressive Stadium to watch the Yanks beat the ass off the Indians.

Indians vs Yankees

Now busy packing gazillions of stuff because in a few hours, we leave Ohio for Niagara Falls and will be staying there overnight. Then back to Middletown NY we go. Not sure if we still have time to watch a Broadway show.

I had thought that DaddyHubby has exceeded expectations with his frantic shopping during the past few weeks, but he should bow down to Bitty Baby. Bitty B is not yet out of his clammy sac but it seems that half of what we will be bringing home is his.  Each man for himself, I say. I frantic shop for me and DaddyHubby frantic shops for himself. We conveniently forgot about shopping for Baby. All DaddyHubby and I bought for him during the entire trip was a teeny Hershey Bar stuffed toy.

But Bitty B will not be spending the few hours into this world naked, pathetic, and neglected, thanks to my relatives whom he got shopping for him. Cousins have already given him hand-me-downs.

He is gonna be just like mommy.

(Bitty Baby is, by the way, a line of infant baby dolls by American Girl and American Girl being a line of dolls that all American girls are going gaga over right now)


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