The Falls

Now in Niagara. Have explored its wonders yesterday afternoon. Will continue in a short while.

Niagara Falls view from above

Niagara Canada Side – the view from NY

Niagara Falls view from below

Then back to Middletown NY we go after lunch later. In a few days, we will be returning to smoggy reality. My relatives in OH and NY have been trying to convince me not to return to Manila and to give birth in America so we’ll have an instant little US citizen.  Have been giving this a mini thought or two but how can I leave the kitties? And what will I do in America if we’re not on tour?

The tours have been very interesting but very tiring. Can’t really think straight anymore. Need sleep.

The Little Creature has been kicking and moving a lot lately.  It feels like there’s a big worm inside me.

The skin on my tummy feels so stretched and itchy. This must be what Joan Rivers and Cher’s faces must feel like.


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