Not so little anymore

Hello, I’m back in good old Manila. Everything seems smaller, dirtier, stinkier, smoggier, muggier, gloomier… but I’m glad to be home with my kitties. Had to bribe them with gourmet kitty food though in exchange for the almost 1 month abandonment. We got to watch one of my all time favorites, the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, by the way. Beautiful. Just beautiful. One of those things to do before I die. So now, I can almost die. But before that, there’s the little creature to deal with.

Had my check up yesterday. See the little creature at 6 months and 2 weeks!

…starting to be a little cuter now. awww….

double awwww…..

…and my, oh, my, just look at that dingle, will you?  Ain’t daddy ever so proud?


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