Baby Boy Name Proposal #1

What to name this little creature? Hubby left it up to me but wants the name to start with F. What the F…!?!?

I don’t want something that sounds too alien or new age or weird.

I want something that sounds heroic-romance-novel-knight-in-shining-armor-oh-rescue-the-half-naked-swooning-damsel-in-distress. Uh, yeah, I was kinda into those things years ago. Why not name the little creature FABIO then, right? hahahaha!

Uh, no.

Searched the internet a few minutes ago and in less than an hour, I came up with —


I’ve always liked the sound of Tristan.

Sounds like someone you’d find at Westpoint, too…

Will pitch this to Hubby (with emphasis on WESTPOINT.)


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