My Very Own Preggy Lookbook

My modest attempt at preggy fashion blogging…

I know we went on a historical tour of the America east coast, but, well, vanity is just too much fun to resist!

I’m loving my very photogenic 5-6 month bump! (As long as it stays covered)

I’m posting pictures here that I won’t post in Yes, I am signing up, so?…

Streets of New York, June 18: black hooded shirt, Maldita; white long sleeved shirt, Zara; denim shorts, Mango; ankle boots, Zara; bag, Topshop; Sunglasses, Zara.

Middletown, New York, June 16 and 17: Blue floral dress, F21; ankle boots, Zara. Tiered Floral Dress, Divisoria; leggings, SM


Roosevelt Hotel, NY City, June 18: Bronze dress, A'postrophe; shoes, Nine West; Bag, Zara; earrings, Divisoria; belt, Divisoria


Hershey Park, Pennsylvania: dress, H&M; sandals, Ipanema

Shopping at H&M, July 2: Hat, H&M; Jacket, Sears; inner black dress, H&M; bangles, H&M; Shoes, Nine West; Bag, Rue21


Niagara Falls, NY, July 6: shirt, Bangkok; LBD worn underneath the shirt, Mango; purse, Coach; biker boots, Arturo Chang

Niagara Falls, NY July 7: dress, H&M; belt, Maldita; bag, H&M; biker boots, Arturo Chang

Staten Island, NY, July 8: dress, Tango; bag, H&M; biker boots, Arturo Chang; hat, H&M


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