Apprehension for the Month of July: Linea Nigra

So that’s what it’s called — that strange hideous, dark line that suddenly appeared from out of nowhere a few months ago (it’s even darker now) that ran down the middle of my fat tummy, crossing the navel and down until Australia.(Can still see my toes but I can’t see the part under the bump anymore).

Wikipedia says this hyper-pigmentation is due to increased estrogen levels and manifests less often in fair skinned women. Sigh.  I guess I’m not that fortunate.

What makes it even more hideous is that it’s hairy, too. My tummy wasn’t that hairy before, was it?

Is it going to disappear after my tummy deflates?

Some say that it should be worn proudly as badge of motherhood.

That’s probably  just a lousy excuse because it will never go away. 😦


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