This little mommy-to-be has a lot to be guilty about!

I was rereading some of the stuff I’ve been writing and that’s when I saw –> Lots of promises for the little creature’s health all conveniently forgotten, tsk tsk.

I know I said sayonara to coffee — and a caffeine-free life worked! — until we went to America and all the Inns we stayed in had flowing freshly brewed coffee (for 24 hours!) Who could resist that? My knees just buckled at the smell. But it was just one delectable cup a day. And I needed the fuel to go walking 16 hours a day! (don’t get me started on the bag of chocolate covered coffee beans that an officemate gave me!)

And then there’s MSG. The instant noodles are hard to resist. And what do you expect from Chinese restaurants but scoops of MSG! I can’t not eat Chinese food if the rest of my family does.

Then there’s taking a teeny nibble of raw tuna at a Japanese food. eep!

And the countless sodas I’ve been drinking (Coke is heaven in a hot climate)

And the chocolates I’ve been gobbling down. Hershey chocolates aren’t on the top of my list but those that we got at Hershey Park taste really different… fresher… yummier…

I remember making a promise of eating healthy sometime during my first semester. But healthy thingies are so cheerless. I did try to eat lots of salads and fruits (oh those cherries are so divine!) in America.

The only good thing I am proud of doing is trying to drink 3-5 liters of water everyday. I think that seems to help. No valid therapeutic claims, but who knows? It probably contributes to my non-vomit and non-water retention and non-aches and pains days.


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