Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary! awww…

It all began in October 2000. There’s a girl on a business trip (supposedly!) and a boy on duty (in an officer’s uniform! Yep, that was a plus! haha) cut off from the real world and aboard a naval vessel for a month (in short, there was a limited supply of female company!), traveling to exotic places, shopping for unusual stuff together, trying out weird spicy food, taking long walks by the beaches, talking almost every night under the canopy of the moon and stars with 360 degrees of miles and miles of endless sea, or just plain experiencing and sharing new stuff together …the universe conspired to provide the perfect setting and the perfect moment to fall in love. awww…


After nine years of courtship and two years of marriage…

So, what are we like together?

Maybe this sums it up —

 Anyone can be passionate but it takes real lovers to be silly.

F’s Sonnet for Me

(Given on one 26th of December, our 24th month together)


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the farthest island of Tawi-tawi,

To the highest peak of Bongao and

To the depth a scuba diver can reach.

I love thee from the sound of reveille ‘til taps,

In every bugle call that puts me to duty.

I love thee under the scrutinizing eyes of the Admiral.

I love thee freely, as a rotting recon strive to doze.

I love thee purely, as I adhere to PMA’s honor code.

I love thee with snappiness put into use.

From my second lieutenant days ‘til I reach my star rank.

I love thee with a love of a gentle warrior.

With my lost combat boots, I love thee with my breath,

Smile, tears, all my Marine life! – and if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.


Whenever I think of us, I think of having fun, laughing a lot, and doing ‘goofy’ things… It doesn’t matter if anyone else in the world may not ‘get it’.  WE DO, and that’s all that matters!  

 Even when things get tough, we always seem to be able to find something fun and funny, even if it’s just laughing at ourselves.

Laughter sustains us. We are just a pair of goofy travelers, laughing, joking around, and frolicking once in a while amidst all the grave episodes of life. awww…



To my favorite husband (awww…),

I look forward to drifting off with you for many more years, to being unavoidably detained by the world, to finding a million rainbows after the rains have passed.  My life and my cats lives are yours. awww…


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