La Mer, Coach… wishing I were filthy rich

Finally! A product that tells the truth! A very expensive truth, but nevertheless, the truth. Bought one jar a few years ago because of the snooty saleslady at the La Mer counter. Told me how much it was even if I wasn’t asking (the impudent little @#$#!!!), implying as if I couldn’t afford it so I snapped at her and told her to give me one jar in pronto! All the cash I was carrying, gone in a few seconds.

Maybe I was using it incorrectly, I couldn’t see much difference in my skin then. But I do remember buying another jar. After that, I lost interest and joined other beauty miracle bandwagons. I’m not blessed with nice skin so I make lots of effort and allot a budget for prettification. Obagi worked. But I had to suffer through skin peeling and acne breakouts before I saw the results. I also tried out the derma roller and stem cell therapy last year. These worked too — after so much pain and bleeding! Angelina Jolie loves it, they said, but you know how she is. She probably enjoys the bleeding part.

I returned to La Mer because the little creature was lapping up all my fluids, leaving my skin all dull and dried up and blotchy and itchy. It worsened when we went to America. The skin was peeling, my face stung. Bought me lots of different brands of moisturizers which didn’t help at all.

I was finally able to buy a small pot during a stopover in HK on the way home. Yaiks to the price, but I can’t complain. My strawberry face returned to normal and even improved after two days. People think it’s the pregnancy glow.  What a cheat!

I will definitely find ways to be able to afford La Mer forever! (If my skin does not build tolerance to the product). If only I’m wealthy enough to smear it all over my itchy tummy. Maybe La Mer could even do something about that linea nigra… I’m actually so tempted to try this, but I’m not as rich in J. Lo.

By the way, when hubby and I went to the La Mer counter last Friday to ask how to use it correctly, the saleslady was surprisingly attentive and I bet a thousand bucks it was because I was using my Coach Bag. No wonder people are so crazy about LVs even if they aren’t that pretty. All for the sake of status symbols. Coach items may be affordable and competitively priced for Westerners but for us in the Philippines, such things are considered luxury brands.

To think that I had severe doubts over buying that bag. I am not really a fan of monograms but I couldn’t find other really nice and sturdy signature <–this is a must! — bag that was still within unreasonable budget (I wanted the bag from Tod’s but double yaiks to the price! I can only be unreasonable reasonably). I do know that Coach items are durable and of high quality. The purse given to me by a cousin 3 years ago have buckles that are still gold, and the leather part isn’t flaking and cracking yet. It just needs washing.

The price was marked down twice. If it’s sold in Manila, the price would probably be 3x the original one

I even thought of selling it to my mom after buying it at the outlet store but I changed my mind. In the short time that the bag and I were together, I learned a valuable lesson: like how to swathe myself in fake wealth.

The things that vanity do to me…


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