Turn, Little Creature, Turn!

Just had my check up last night at 31 (or was it 33? yaiks.) weeks. There we were, hubby and I, all eager and excited to see the little one. We even dressed up a bit for the 4D ultrasound (not sure why. It was just a special event, that’s all.). Had my routine BP and weight check up (was a little confused. My weighing scale at home indicated that I was about 108-110 pounds. Last night at the clinic, I was 102 pounds, didn’t even make it to flyweight. Oh, well.)

The good news: Mommy and Baby are looking very healthy, glucose at a normal level despite the sudden increase of sugar, cola, and chocolate intake during the past few weeks.

The not-so-good-news: Baby’s back is turned, his twinkle toes and arms covering his face. All we could get a glimpse of was an eyelid. We’ve got a shy one. I’m suddenly wondering if he’s hiding a pug nose. No ultrasound pictures to make fun of this time.

The even-more-not-so-good-news: Baby is in breech position!

I was annoyed. I thought the little creature and I had been bonding really well, that he wasn’t going to give me a hard time. Now he’s being a traitor again. This is a ‘breech’ (hehehe) of agreement, you little creature! You have your whole teenage life to commit perfidy, to lie, to hurt your wonderful parents, so I would rather you not do it in my womb as well, if you please!

The doc didn’t seem to be too alarmed. Or maybe that was just for show so I won’t be alarmed as well.

Anyway, I’ve read up a bit about breech positions and found that one of the causes of the baby being in this position may be fetal anomalies. I hope not. Plus, there are birth risks.

I do have a strong feeling that this breech-iness was due to the high sugar intake. It made the baby move a lot. I hope that’s just it. Maybe an espresso frappucino would make him rotate.

Doc says that if he still doesn’t turn to the normal position by about the 36th week, she has no choice but to go for c-section. I know the chances of me giving birth the normal way is teeny, but I would like to at least attempt to do so (with epidural, of course!).  So now, I’m trying to turn him the safest way I know. Put earphones on my lower abdomen and make him listen to classical/new age music so he would respond and turn to the sound and visualize him turning. Let’s hope he likes Pachelbel/Annie Lennox.  That’s one more thing. I just realized last night that I have unconsciously been picturing the little baby in an upright, curled position and facing towards me inside my tummy whenever I look in the mirror.  And it came true! Could it be that visualization is that powerful? Now, I have to imagine the reverse, which is a little difficult unless I try to think of a sleeping bat.


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