Pregnancy Slacker

– a perfect description of me.

– I forget that I’m pregnant especially during the first and the second trimester. Not these days though (the high kicks and roundhouses are startling and are starting to be painful). I don’t even know exactly how many weeks I’m pregnant. I just know that I’m in my last trimester and almost into my 8th month (bad mommy).

– I think the people around me tend to forget, too. I don’t talk about it unless I’m asked. I don’t lumber, I still walk the normal, brisk walk. I don’t show off baby’s ultrasound pics to anyone and gush about the wonders of pregginess. If you don’t look at my torso, you wouldn’t think I’m pregnant (yahoo! My face hasn’t changed. My nose hasn’t morphed into some mutant monster nose yet). I don’t put every miniscule detail I feel about pregginess in Facebook. I did put up some preggy photos (clothed, of course!) because I felt kinda cute with the bump.

-I drink coffee (in moderation!), I drink coke and other sodas (in moderation!), I eat chocolate (umm, errr, can’t say this as in moderation as well…) — stuff they say are bad for the little kreacher. I keep putting off things to do for the baby.

– I made the kreacher drink espresso frap the other day again and I know he absolutely loves it!

– the only thing I do religiously for me and my baby’s health  is to drink those liters of water everyday. Which probably helps a lot to reduce discomfort and physical warping.

– in all fairness, hubby and I went on a shopping spree last weekend — for the kreacher! There was a sale on baby clothing so we bought a lot of teeny stuff. I wanted to try them on our cats but hubby drew the line. Plus we did a lot of cleaning last weekend to make space for the crib.

By the way, my friend C gave birth to a 7lb+ baby boy last night. Teared up a bit last night. I’m so happy for her. She’s naming him Sebastian. How weird is that? I love the name Sebastian and if it weren’t for a college friend naming her son that, the name would be on top of my list.

Welcome to the world, Sebastian! You just wait for a few more weeks and your little kreacher playmate will be arriving!

— which reminds me, what the hell are we naming him again? It seems that I’ve slackened about this once more because I’ve been so preoccupied with Lookbook these days. Tsk, tsk.


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