Wishing for the perfect Zzzzs

Wherefore art thou, my good, dreamy, comfy sleep? Shall we ever meet again? Or will you be lost to me forever?

There’s someone inside me who moves and gyrates as if he’s dancing to some looping disco music especially at night. I feel like I’m drowning when I’m on my back. He’s squishing my insides and it’s so hard to breathe and my back hurts because he’s so heavy. He’s like 25% of my total weight.

There’s someone beside me who snores like an angry ogre – with a built in megaphone in his throat.

Then there are the two other furry little creatures who just love to frolic when we’re around especially in the middle of the night. They pounce, attack, and jump on each other and on us as if they’re on some National-Geographic-predator-vs-predator-feature. I woke up with a yelp the other day when Kitty B jumped on my face and decided to make a scratching board out of it. Now I have this long reddish scratch mark on my chin.

What strange and merciless bedfellows.


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