High Kicks and Arabesques@ 37 weeks or so

It feels and looks really creepy especially with the ginormous, whopping movements but I like watching my tummy undulate. (Could that be his knee?) It feels like I’m on a roller coaster ride and my tummy is doing somersaults when he moves. Only you could see the somersaults from outside, too.

What are you doing inside, little creature? Trying to find a wet, cozy spot? You aren’t the only one who’s uncomfortable, you know?

I fed it an espresso frap (bad, bad mommy) and the experience was nasty! I thought my tummy was going to be ripped apart.

This is called Karma.  I kick and pinch and punch hubby whenever he snores and now, the little creature kicks me all the time especially on the upper right part of my tummy, avenging his daddy. So this is what it feels like, to be kicked and pounded on, only I’m being battered and bruised from the inside. The inner wall of my tummy must now be black and blue.

Nothing to do but to countdown to the day when my tummy will be all my own again. Yaiks! Less than a month to go!


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