This is it!

This is really IT!

Had my check up yesterday @38 5/7 weeks (I thought it was my 40th week already. Bad math, bad memory).

Everything is looking normal but the little creature is not so little anymore. Yaiks!  I was concerned that we weren’t really growing all that much so I’ve been stuffing my face with chocolate, cakes, coffee (decaf), coke, frito lay products lately.  Yeah, I hadn’t grown (cheeks chubbied up a little but other than that, I’m still skinny with a big ball of a belly) but the monster baby sucked up all the foodie and the vitamins and look what happened to him.

Doc says that I could have had him released from his clammy sac last week via a bikini cut. She even wanted me to have it by this Friday!  But we (plus the council of elders[parents]) have decided to do the c-section on the 17th! That’s days away! And I’m not prepared! I’m really going to be a mom to a yet unnamed baby! 

Here’s no name baby (those cheeks are definitely mine!):

He doesn’t have his toes poking his eyes anymore but now, because the space is so cramped, the placenta is covering his other eye. 

Panic time!



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