Medela, My New Best Friend

Move over, Kindle (and 9West and Aldo) —

Here’s my new best friend, the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump:

Or maybe it’s more like my frenemy. We’ve bonded well. Expressing milk has now been easier but that’s about all I do. My time is not my own anymore. Even my nips are not my own anymore.

I’m barely a month old mom but my non-mommy life seemed so many years ago. Work has faded into the background. Old habits — reading ebooks, watching tv series, sleeping! — have died and have been replaced by new ones — expressing and pumping breast milk, singing and reading to the little crit, not sleeping…  (It’s like being in the night shift once more, only worse. At least I had a fixed shift then. I knew what time I had to go home, what time to eat, to sleep, and to wake up. Now, my body clock has gone haywire. I sleep a total of 4-5 hours a day, in a staggered 30min to 1 hour way.)

Yeah, there are still so many complaints I have filed away in one of my mind’s archives (maybe for use later). For now, let me count the blessings  — I’m typing this entry with my right hand while my left arm is holding the crazy baby who has just finished gobbling up my juices, and is now sleeping like an angel and who is going to wake up and get cranky if I put him down. What a manipulative little… BLESSING! I’m counting my blessings! —

  • healthy baby despite the pneumonia so we had to spend 1 week at a military hospital. Pneumonia gone now.
  • jaundice gone + orange complexion gone + skin is fairer = cuter bitty baby
  • very minimal hospital fees with free vaccines for baby!
  • I’ve got lotsa milk. Who’d have thought that? I could probably survive on my own milk if I get stranded on an uninhabited island, except that I’m lactose intolerant.
  • wonderful cousins at the States who gave me lots of Medela pumps and bottles and Avent bottles. These are quite expensive at the local stores
  • wonderful cousins at the States again who gave the little crit their sons’ hand-me-down clothes. Cute clothes. Some designer ones, too! Saucy baby!
  • I can type with just one hand! And real fast, too!
  • And best of all, my tummy is almost back to its normal size. With no stretch marks! (that linea nigra thing is a bit stubborn, though. Think blessings!) I’m a few pounds away from my skinny jeans!

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