Pregnancy Myths

That thing about Coke, coffee, chocolate, and lots of sugary and spicy stuff… 

…or watching and reading thrillers or even watching an action packed, noisy movie with lots of collateral damage being bad for the baby?

So not true! You can guess what kind of series I like to watch and it’s definitely not limited to Ugly Betty! (It was fun watching the US version, though)

I ate chocolate almost every day during my pregnancy. I drank coffee (in moderation, except during our trip to the US when coffee in the hotels we stayed in was seemingly free for all of mankind), and I drank Coke almost everyday with my Lays potato chips, when I get home because it was so warm outside.

I even had a venti decaf espresso frap the night before my operation. I’ve got a really healthy little creature right here.

I’m not sure if it’s the caffeine I’ve been feeding him throughout the months but he gets surprised a lot and he keeps throwing out his arms whenever there’s a loud sudden noise.

Whatever happened to my promise to eat healthy foods? Absolutely nothing. 

So to all the preggers out there, go on and eat whatever you like.  Just one advice though. Eat or drink them in moderation!


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