Cinderella for the Night


Yeah, I know, I have the ugliest feet and it wasn’t the prettiest pedi but it was the prettiest feeling to have my heels inches away from the ground with those Lewre-however-you-pronounce-it-neck-breaking heels last night during our office Christmas Party at the Manila Hotel. After wearing flats for so long, I was prepared to endure the bittersweet pain and to face the safety hazard that go with those satin beauties but they were surprisingly comfy. The gel cushions I bought at the mall helped of course.

It was fun playing dress up again especially since I can fit in my xs clothes once more, ahem, ahem. I would have loved to wear this gold shimmery number,

…but of course, a few hours into the night without expressing milk would turn my boobies into incredible hulk and would make me look skanky so I opted for a safe black tube mini dress instead. I have to admit, the skanky look would have tied in well with this year’s theme, ‘Las Vegas’. I’d be a high end Las Vegas call girl, with an emphasis on ‘high end’! But I didn’t have the guts to wear it. Believe it or not, I still miss my good old little 32A sistahs. (I’m selling this gold thingie in my Multiply site by the way, but that’s another entry)

Ta-da! Thank the good Lord for small miracles! Hehehe, just don’t look inside, though. The tummy hasn’t fully deflated yet so there’s some ugly loose skin and muscle going on in there… and that hideous, hairy linea nigra just stubbornly refuses to go.

The make-up worked, too (yucky hair, though).  Applying make-up is usually a trial & error, mostly leaning towards the erring side but it was such a relief that I didn’t look like Michael Jackson in the pictures. I’m loving the new Maybelline B.B. cream. It’s cheap and it makes my skin look flawless.

I used the colors from my mom’s Estee Lauder eyeshadow compact from the Glamour is Golden collection. I can’t remember which colors I used though. Probably all of them. I’m not a big Estee Lauder fan because their lipstick is sticky and it tastes bad but I’m going to find a way to steal that compact from my mom. I have already  successfully pinched her Lancome blush.

…stole a few spritzes from her Versace Bright Crystal perfume as well (damn, I smell expensive!)…

… even used my mom’s shimmery, shiny black evening bag. Thank God for mothers!

…my gold Orly manis completed the look. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of my nails.


My gorgeous team



I had to leave before the clock struck twelve though, because the poor little baby Tristan might go hungry.

Ticktockticktock Twelve o’clock and it’s back to wearing crappy mommy clothes and smelling like milk for me…hello, Medela.





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