Meet the Tristan

It’s high time I act like a mommy. So here I am, flooding the site with baby pics —

Meet our very own “motherfuckerrolypolychubbycheekedshitmachine”! — Debbie Morgan (Dexter)

October 17: The Bloody Baby straight from a B Movie

October 18: Looking like a generic baby straight from the cookie cutter baby

October 24: Jaundice Baby. Looks like a carrot.

October 28: Creepy Baby looks like an alien baby

November 2 or something: Poor baby had prenatal pneumonia. Jaundice gone now. Baby a bit cuter and looking less like a grumpy old man

November 11: Mother and Child...awwww....

November 12: The Tristan dreams of angels

November 24: The grumpy old man is back

November 24: the grumpy old man has calmed down

December 1: playtime with the Momma

December 2: Reading time

December 2: check out the sexy ladies online!


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