Online selling (could this be another short stint?)

I just can’t help it. Multitasking is in my blood. I need to get busy. When I have finally gotten used to the Little Creature’s erratic, call center agent shift schedule, I needed something else to do. I can’t just be merely a dairy factory. So, when I finally got a few chances to squeeze in some me time, I collected all my old clothes, took pictures of myself in them and uploaded them at 


I’m going to upload these and revive my Lookbook site! Yey! Funny, I’ve combined and mixed and matched the clothes for my one-woman pictorial and I’m surprised that the mixing actually worked. So now I’m having second thoughts about selling some of the stuff. I deleted some posts and some clothes found their way back to the closet.

I’m selling those accessories that hubby and I made and I’m selling my clothes at a bargain. Most, if not all, are in really good condition. Most of them have been worn only once. Some, I have never worn. I’m also selling those that we bought in Bangkok before, leftovers from the previous bazaars we joined. I need moolah… to buy more clothes… which I’m probably going to sell in a few months. Sigh. I’m not even sure if this is good business. Emptying my closet would just motivate me to refill it. So I’m probably just going to end up spending more.

I’ve already sold a few items. Those that I’ve worn during my trip to America, those that I have uploaded in Lookbook were very sellable considering I was preggy that time. Was it because of the setting?

Getting paid via my phone account is better than having to meet up with the buyer at some mall. The two times I met up with my buyers, the moment they paid me, I rushed over to Mango (hey, they’re on sale, so sue me), leaving me with even less cash on hand.

Let’s hope I can sustain this online selling business as my maternity leave ends and as I go back to work on January 3.


Oh, MERRY CHRISTMAS, by the way! It’s Tristan’s first Christmas!!!


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