Medela sets me free! (and Lansinoh too!)

Forget what I said about the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump . My hands and wrists still ache until now and I probably have a repetitive stress injury/carpal tunnel syndrome now — my punishment for ignoring the statement that Harmony is  for occasional use only.

The Pump In Style is my new bff.

My, my, would you take a look at that torture contraption? After a while, you wouldn’t feel anything anymore.

Oh Medela, my Medela! It pains me to be away from you! Nothing shall ever keep us apart!

Double pumping has had the boobies seem like they’re competing with each other to express milk, so now, mom’s freezer is now filled with frozen milk. I’ve read somewhere that women are wired for feeding twins so when we feed a baby in one boobie, the other one automatically expresses milk as well. It’s like they have their own instincts. 

The one I’m using is again a hand-me-down from my cousins in Ohio. Thanks to them, we’ve saved on the costs of breast pumps and milk. If I didn’t have the pumps, I’d probably have given up by now and the little creature would be feeding on expensive formula.

My friend C told me about the MedelaMoms in Manila –  Now I don’t have to worry if the pumps act up.

I love this as well, too. Saves a lot of space because I can store the stuff flat in the fridge.


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