The SAYA Baby Carrier (It sets me free too!)

This is now my favorite fashion accessory.

Looks like it is the Little Creature’s, too. Now I can eat and drink coffee (decaf, of course) while “wearing” my baby!

I got the carrier online:

That Starbucks molten chocolate cake is sinfully delicious and deliciously sinful, by the way.


9 thoughts on “The SAYA Baby Carrier (It sets me free too!)

    • Alias M. says:

      ay ang hirap iexplain. pero dun sa instructions (di ko mahanap kung saan ko nalagay), you start by wearing one hole sa waist tapos one whole sa shoulder na parang sash ng beauty pageant. then dun sa area where both cloths meet, dun ko nainsert si baby. hehe labo, sorry.


  1. crisnel says:

    hi sis! pano mo ginawa ung cradle position? gusto ko kasi ung ganyan nakalabas ung legs ni baby ndi naiipit sa loob ng carrier…pls help…thank you 🙂


    • Alias M. says:

      Sorry now lang sagot walang kwenta pa. I forgot na 😦 need ko talaga mahanap yung instructions and recall how to do it kasi1 dami na nag aask


  2. iane says:

    hi sis i like the way you did the duyan position kasi feet ni baby are out.paano yan gawin?kasi baby ko ayaw niya ng duyan position kasi stucked yung feet niya.thank you


    • Alias M. says:

      Oh no. Nalimutan ko na kung paano 😦 need ko pa naman irecall how since baby no. 2 is coming soon. I prpmise if i find the written instructions, i will post them. Sorry :s


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