I am losing sleep over these beauties!

I’m not crazy about animal prints but I do love Mary Janes so now I just can’t get these Nine West Aroundtown heels off my mind!

The first time I experienced such “ob-shoe-ssion” was almost a decade ago, when I saw a pair of Nine West leather Mary Jane heels in patchwork (pink and green) in a magazine and salivated.  Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. My mom was patient enough to come with me to search all the Nine West stores in Manila so I could just get the shoes in my size.

Love. That was what was between me and those shoes. They were my babies and I was their overprotective mother. I shielded them from the dark, dreary, dirty world, barely using them and letting them out once in a while (with a strict curfew) to savor their beauty. It was a tragic day when I opened the shoebox and found them frayed and moldy and peely and I had to let them go. I learned my lesson the hard, heartbreaking way. Use leather.  A lot.

And I do love Nine West. Except for that above-mentioned tragic episode, Nine West shoes are very sturdy and durable and comfy. I can run in their stilettos.

So now, here I am obsessing again.

I am getting me one of those before the year is over. (attention: husband. A happy wife equals a happy marriage)


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