The Little Creature’s First New Year!

happy 2012!

What was I doing while the rest of the world was celebrating and watching the fireworks and singing Auld Lang Syne?

 — Obsessively preparing frozen delights for the Little Creature. (So that’s why women have breasts!)

Ta-da! Let me proudly present the result of many sleepless days and nights and rock-hard breasts and ruined nipples —


Milk-All-U-Can Buffet for Tristan

Main ingredients: mommy love and a dash of determination.  A drink of that everyday will make a strong-minded young man out of the little creature!

(Warning: May contain Starbucks espresso frap and toblerone.)

Determination has been keeping my mom’s freezer full. I have come a long way since this episode:

“‘I felt tired and lonely and detached from my surroundings, like I was merely some milk machine programmed to feed the baby. I felt like a cow with wrecked udders, breastfeeding was painful, I had difficulty expressing breast milk (I want to feed him with my milk exclusively, until maybe when he’s two years old, or until I can), he was always hungry (he wakes us up almost every hour). I felt degraded. I had to squeeze and milk my own boobies (I only have a manual breast pump which didn’t really do that much except give my hands cramps). It was something no woman should go through.”

Degrading? Of course not! How could I have ever thought that?

I’m a typical good mommy now. Vanity still prevails though. One of the things that had kept me zealously pumping for milk was the thought that had I given up early on, the money I’ve been splurging on clothes and shoes lately would have just gone to infant formula. Booo!



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