The Big Little Creature Goes Back to Work

awww… so soon?

Today is the 78th day of my maternity leave, the last day. C-sectioners are entitled to 78 days. Tomorrow, I get back to being a typical hmmhmm-paid office worker.

Here’s my to-do list for 2012. This is going to be my to-do list the every night before work day for, say 2 years, if I can handle it (that is,  if I continue to have a job, haha. Full time mommyhood suddenly starts to sound wonderful — so different from what I felt during my first few weeks as a muthah a few months ago).

  • electric breast pump cleaned and prepared for bringing to the office: check
  • enough bmilk storage bags: check
  • ice packs: check
  • bmilk for baby: check
  • fab shoes: multiple checks

Who’d have thought I’d be in this sitch? But as we all well know by now, this is one determined big little creature!


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