My third Kindle arrived today.


Looks like there are some hardware issues. After all the raves I did for you, you traitor!

The first one was a gift from a very kind Uncle and it was perfect –until I dropped it last November. It worked for a few more weeks after that. Cool, I thought, how very durable.

But when I reached for it to read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust to Tristan (and we were just a few chapters away from being “unavoidably detained by the world”, too. My third time to read it, by the way) the screen froze, and Emily Dickinson just wouldn’t go away. Her unhappy look plus that blank, ruined part of the screen, is just depressing. 

Who are you? Are you nobody, too?

Amazon was kind enough to replace it. After four days from the time I raised the issue via email, online chatting, and telephoning, I received a new one. Amazing Amazon was fast. I was impressed! They didn’t even ask me to send back the damaged unit, making the wily wheels in my head turn (hmmm… maybe someone in Greenhills could do something about it… hahaha…)

But I hardly used the replacement when the same thing happened. Didn’t drop it this time, and now muscled Ophiuchus wouldn’t go away. And it looks as if someone has torn off  the part on the lower right corner.

Again, Amazon was kind enough to replace it. I asked if they could provide the new version instead since these freezing and blanking thingies seem to be factory defects after all but they didn’t allow it. I had to return the first replacement this time. Maybe they thought I was lying or something. I had to pay some P200 for the shipment.

Let’s hope Tristan and I could enjoy the third one without hassle this time. Please, no more sad looks or half naked old guys.


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