Wardrobe Update

I swear I need one. My closet contains a lot of girly, frilly stuff that do not seem ‘appropriate’ for someone my age. I’m not really ‘age conscious’ so I keep forgetting that I’m not in my 20s anymore.

And so, this is what happened to my maternity benefits (which, by the way, I have not received yet because there were some documents I should have submitted before I went on maternity leave which I didn’t):

Some items I have bought for half or a third of the price:

I am not into florals so much but I love the fit of this dress on me.

I have this draped dress both in fuchsia and navy blue.

I wore the shirt dress (have it in navy blue as well) at work today with a dark brown long sleeved turtleneck (Mango, of course), a brown and off-white wide belt and my 9W Vanished boots. I felt nice. Some guy at work complimented me… or at least I think it was a compliment. He said I look like a traveler (back from a Safari trip).

I had to have this little red dress altered. I had initially bought it in xxs more than a month ago when there were still some remnants of my pregnancy (in its original price, by the way. What can I do? It was one of those relentless dresses that just begged to be bought). I had to hold my breath and force the zipper to close but I bought it anyway (hey, I was in denial!). But reality banged me on the head so I had it exchanged with an xs the very next day. Little did I know that all it took was less than a week back to work lugging the big bag of Medela machine from floor to floor and from home to office and back, and now I am down to my original xxskinny arse.

Bought a similar dress in polka dots.

Bought a couple of cardigans, too. Hey, when one is reunited with one’s old body size, that’s a reason to celebrate… paint the town red… and be in the red.

Sorry, Little Creature. When you get older, you’ll understand… and just surrender to the whims of a woman. Just like your daddy does.


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