The Ten of Swords

This is my message to me:

Not everyone’s got problems like yours, you think? What a spiteful, hostile, cruel, etc., etc. world this is, making your life difficult… and hopeless… and unfair. Uh-huh… Get over it. Your troubles are more melodramatic than real.  Stop feeling like a dormat. Quit the victim mentality.  

 No one is trying to make light of your misfortunes.  It’s just that being such a drama queen whenever you hit rock bottom won’t earn you any naked golden statues. So check your attitude towards your problems. You may have done all you could and this is quite enough. Things can’t get any worse.  In times when you think you are sooo in the pits, well, remember, there is nowhere to go but up (yey!). Stop bemoaning your fate and welcome the relief. Expect a turn for the better. Don’t lose hope. It’s time to start things afresh.

OUCH! Didn't know acupuncture hurts this much


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