It’s the Little Creature’s 3rd month out of the womb

Happy 3rd month out on earth, little one.

He’s been laughing and cooing and looking at the pictures while I read him The Cat in the Hat lately, as if he knew what I was talking about.

He loves looking at himself and at me in the mirror. Vanity runs in his veins.

He watches TV too. It calms him down. He likes ‘The Closer’ and the ballsy Brenda Leigh Johnson and her team.   He loves the family of Allison Dubois in “The Medium”. He cracks up at all the episodes of “IT Crowd” and “Worst Week”.  He’s disappointed with ‘Terra Nova’. How utterly predictable the story is, how yawn-worthy the characters are, says he.

He did enjoy ‘The Game of Thrones’. “Khal Drogo is hot, says mommy,” says he.

He misses ‘Dexter’ and all that blood. He’s going to check out ‘The Office’ and check in at the ‘Fawlty Towers’.

He will reunite with the Fisher family of ‘6 Feet Under’ and the ‘Modern Family’ sometime this year.

Umm… who exactly are we really talking about here?


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