These are a few of my favorite things…

Cloche hats.

(I’ve always been fascinated with the roaring 20s and the modish 60s looks.)

From Wikipedia:

“The cloche hat is a fitted, bell-shaped hat for women that was invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908, became especially popular during the 1920s, and continued to be commonly seen until about 1933. Cloche is the French word for “bell”.

Cloche hats were usually made of felt so that they conformed to the head, and were typically designed to be worn low on the forehead, with the wearer’s eyes only slightly below the brim.”

I am on this neverending quest for the perfect cloche hat, hence the collection. There are great finds in Divisoria but the one that I really coveted last year was the red cloche in Accessorize. It was too pricey for a hat but I was confident that no one else was interested in it because, well, cloche hats aren’t on trend right now. You know how some people are dictated by trends…

But I did take a lot of frequent trips to the store just to eye and yearn and long for the hat so imagine my delight about two weeks ago when finally, the price was reduced to half! I knew it! No one was buying! It was still a bit pricey but I know I am going to have a long term relationship with that hat so, away went a percentage of my maternity benefits yet again.

Cloche hats make my dressy dresses even dressier.

Some of my cloche hats:

My getups duirng the US trip last year wouldn’t be complete without these:

There’s also this black cloche on sale in Aldo which I’ve seen about a year ago.  Until now, no one seems interested in it.  I might just buy it.


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