Some Mommy Thoughts

1. I definitely had it easy when I only had the furry felines to take care of. Kitty C and Kitty B were barely two months into the world when they can already stand up and walk and run, eat by themselves, bathe by themselves, poop, and clean up after themselves. They can even say mama by that time (their meowmeow sounded like mama to me!).  With the little Tristan, this is what I get when he’s hungry, dirty, sleepy, or just bored —

2. I KNOW I gave birth to ONE kid last October but sometimes it feels as if I have to take care of TWO. Oh mother of all SIGHS.

3. I never knew that a simple task such as clipping nails would require such focus…

4. Baby poop is not gross. It’s a delight… and a sign that all is well and healthy and good.

5. I thought I was a great multi-tasker but I have to admit defeat when I think of all the things I have to do to balance my life. I never even have to think about this before.

6. I usually have a deadpan expression on my face but lately, I find myself making fugly faces and making fugly sounds just to get a giggle from the little crit.

7. He has this funny, sour baby scent when he sweats and when dried drool and milk collects in his neck or hands, but for some reason, that scent is intoxicating and addictive and beats the scent of flowers.

8. Will I ever get to sleep a good night sleep again?

9. When he’s this way, how could I even think of anything else?

Those cheeks are going to get fortyeleven thousand kisses. Each.


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