The Mama Vending Machine

Sue me for taking a picture of the Little Creature’s stash yet again. It’s just that whenever I look inside our freezer, I am reminded of the changes I have undergone these past few months.

I have often thought of myself as vain, selfish, superficial, indifferent and well, generally a waste of oxygen (don’t get me wrong. I like being these things and I am still all of these). But now, here I am, with a sense of purpose and able to produce something that is actually beneficial to someone.  Umm, sure, the milk machine may be overproducing a little bit. The Little Creature gets really cranky when he tries to feed and gets sprayed all over his face. But still, it beats having the opposite problem.  (If someone is in need of bmilk, I am willing to donate, by the way. See how kind and giving I have turned into).

A thousand times, I wanted to give up breastfeeding. I whimpered and whined like a ninny, got angry at people and the situation like a spoiled brat, drowned in self-pity, but I got past all those.

Someone is alive and healthy because of me and what I have.

And for those wondering how easily I had gotten back to being ol’  li’l me, these frozen dairies are the reason, despite stuffing my face with all those chocolates (see the compartment below).


Finally, the ever tiresome question I’ve been asking myself all these years, ‘what’s the point?’, is answered.

This is the point.




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