Friendships, copycats, and more babies

I am looking forward to this.


I’m going to see my friends again, with a couple of new additions to the pack. I’m bringing Tristan with me so he can finally meet Sebastian. It’s a celebration, I know, but still, I hope I get the chance to rant alongside C. (Blessings, M! Don’t forget to count your blessings!)

 Whatever C is doing, I’ll probably just do the same for Tristan’s christening – which reminds me, F and I should really start planning about that.

I’m glad C gave birth a month before I did. Sure, best pal Google never fails. Everything I need to know about pregnancy and motherhood, Google has — from breastfeeding down to poop color and even mommy wars on all kinds of stuff; whether it’s breastmilk vs formula or breastfeeding vs pumping. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a left boobie feeder vs right boobie feeder war out there.

Anyway, nothing beats the good old conventional, warm-bodied, thinking, albeit crazy friend (only someone from our group would think of including something like a toy guitar in her baby’s baptism wish list) to compare notes with.

Compare notes, huh? More like ‘copy’. So, what else is new? I’ve been copying C’s Math homeworks and test answers in high school and now I’m copying whatever she’s doing with Sebastian as well.

I’ve been such a pregnancy slacker but now I’m going to be Mommy Mrs. Danvers, the poor Little Creature. Don’t worry, Tristan, as is everything else with me, this too shall pass. I will get bored with you someday (maybe when you have become a whiny teenager with a face crammed with acne. I can’t stand acne).


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