Mommy good deed

The other day, I donated 40 bags of breastmilk to the Philippine General Hospital for premie babies. The nurse picked up the bags from home. If my math is right, that’s about 6 liters of liquid gold.

I hope it benefits a lot of babies. Don’t get me wrong. I will never be your extraordinarily selfless goodie-goodie golden-hearted girl. I would sell the bags if I could. I just couldn’t find a buyer… and we need to make space for ice cream. Now I suddenly feel worthy of the oxygen I breathe in. I’m useful, yey. Gloat.

I still have about 30 packs in the freezer I’m keeping now in case of emergency but which I will also donate once I have replenished these. I chose the PGH because, well, that’s the hospital of the University that I graduated in. Plus, they don’t require breastmilk donors to undergo hepa tests or whatever tests. I know I’m healthy and my bmilk is healthy yummy. One only has to look at the Michelin thunder thighs of Tristan to know that.

My advocacy: to make the premies as fat as this little guy.

Baby Gap



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