Tristan’s journey to the Christian world

We finally got around to scheduling the Li’l Crit’s baptism. Here’s the Save the Date:



Looks familiar? We-eeell, that’s because that’s the Save the Date for our wedding. Duh!

Ok, so I needed to stretch my lazybones. 

I did get around to making this (awwwww..):

Thank goodness for powerpoints, Nikon D60s, and iPhoto apps.

Made this map as well.

Max’s Restaurant at SM Masinag

…And thank goodness for Max’s resto, we didn’t stress too much about the planning. Join the mass baptism and then stuff the guests with food and that’s one stage of the Li’l Crit’s life over and done with.  Yeah, this mommy leopard creature is never going to change spots. Still the superficial skinny bi***. My biggest stress is what to wear. I had bought like, a couple of dresses just for this occasion but it’s that time of the year when the skin on my legs is at its worst – veiny-er and blotchier. Oh, well.


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