Life has indeed changed

At the onset of each year, Uncle J and Aunt Z from Ohio would return to the PH for a few weeks for a medical mission. Their visit would mean help to third class municipalities all over the country and chocolate-overloaded fridge to us. Sometimes it even meant going on a vacation with them after their mission. Many years ago,  we went to Boracay and Negros. Sometimes, we would all go up to Baguio. We even went to Hong Kong and Thailand. Also, Uncle J would make it a point to give us some new electronic thingie. He has given PCs and laptops to my dad and an IPod to my brother.  I think he even bought a giant TV for my parents. A few years ago, he gave me a Creative Zen mp3 player. In 2009, he gave me a Nikon D60 camera. Last year, it was the Kindle.

This January, he gave my brother the new Kindle Fire.

I envy.

Because this January, this is what I got.

And it’s not really even for me.


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