The Online Dairy Farm


Found this site where breast milk is being sold up to 4USD/ounce! Say whut?!?! Some of the ads are cute : Milk so creamy you need a spoon!; Over 1000 oz of creamy goodness for your little one; Yummy yummy for a tiny tummy…

Some ads seem irrelevant: Milk from Healthy Christian Mother, Milk from Mommy with BA Psych Diploma…

Some ads, although there may be nothing to it, were kinda odd and creepy : Very Generous Man Seeking Breast Milk. Discreet Gentleman Seeking to Buy… to each his own, I say to that.

If I were to advertise, my ad would be “Fountain of Cute”. Haha.

I just donated another 200 ounces to PGH last Monday. If I had sold those and if I could sell regularly, I’d be able to save up for the Little Crit’s college fund… and a Tod’s Bag. No buyers for this yummy mummy’s milk though. Oh well, at least preemies are benefiting from the this. They’re going to grow up to be pretty and hot. 😉


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