My Wishlist

… stuff that will never be realized in this lifetime…

1. The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box (with a Zoetrope!)

How nice is this?

It’s a limited collector’s edition that was released sometime in 2011 so, good luck with that. That skeleton key USB would have been so cool. Anyway, the zoetrope is of Tim Burton’s face, I guess. Why would I want to watch him?

2. A Tod’s G Bag

…and to have long legs like Gwyneth’s. Hello, impossible.

…and to have a whoppingly ginormous bank account like Gwyneth’s. How are you doing today, impossible?

I’m not a bag person. I’m such a BIG FAIL in buying bags and I’m bad at taking care of my stuff so a utilitarian messenger bag which I could carry and dump wherever whenever without a care would usually do but, well, these arm candies are just too nice!

…and what’s so special about this one below aside from being endorsed by gorgeous Anne Hathaway? I don’t know, but it looks good in  blue… and red, too. And I want it. I’m not sure why I am obsessing about Tod’s bags lately. (… and I want to have a face like Anne Hathaway’s. Oh, there you are again, impossible.)

3.  A week-long stay at a nice Wellness Spa or at a posh hotel wherein I could sleep uninterrupted sleep and dream uninterrupted dreams and eat good, healthy food.

4. To have my ideal job. Lately, it’s a Clothing Store Window Display Designer/Merchandizer. Yeah, I know, some people want to rule the world. Some people want to be famous. I just want to be a lowly window display designer.

5. Trips to Egypt or Morocco or Turkey or Greece or countryside France…


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