Goodbye, Michael Scott

I am so sad to see you go. I was thinking of applying for a job at Dunder Mifflin but well, since you left anyway…

It felt as if my boss (or friend) really left. Yeah, I know, this episode was aired last year but I just started watching “The Office” last month and got hooked so I went through season 1-7 in such a short time. I watched the “Goodbye, Michael” episode last night and it made me cry. 

“The Office” – it cracks me up. All the actors are really good, a rare phenomenon in a tv show/movie these days. Michael is crazy and naive and annoying but I love him anyway. Dwight is weird and funny. Jim and Pam’s chemistry is the thrill. I can’t remember ever being this excited over an onscreen couple. Jim’s marriage proposal made me cry. Michael’s proposal to Holly made me cry. Meredith is hilarious. The ‘normal’ office workers grew on me (they should… after watching the show nonstop for a month…).

The Little Creature is also a fan. He loves the music to the title sequence. I only have to play it when he’s hysterical and he calms down. He goes into hysterics once the 40 second music ends. I wonder where I can get an LP…

Will try to watch the UK version.


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