Good sleep, where are you

Coffee is just too hard to resist. Especially when I get only about a total of 5 hours of sleep at night, with an average of 2 interruptions from the hungry little creature. Last month, I drank decaf. The taste was enough to satiate me.  But lately, I’ve been needing caffeine so badly that I finally gave in. So now, we’re caught in an endless cycle. I drink coffee. Caffeine goes into milk, Little Creature drinks caffeinated milk, Little Creature becomes fussy, Little Creature interrupts mommy sleep, Sleep deprived mommy drinks more coffee. And those poor premies in PGH. They’re getting some caffeine, too. In my defense, I stick to one grande caramel macchiato a day. Every other day, I order decaf as well.

When Hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said a weekend stay at a hotel. Alone.  So I could sleep uninterrupted sleep and dream uninterrupted dreams. He thought I was joking. (Lately, I’ve been having vivid dreams about food. They’re so vivid that aside from dreaming in high definition color, I can actually smell and taste food. Is my dream telling me that it’s time for another short stint? Culinary arts this time?)

Yesterday, my mom who takes care of baby when I’m at work, was baffled because baby played all day and didn’t sleep. Umm… hmmm? I hope my practiced ‘perplexity’ wasn’t too obviously practiced. I can get away with acting like a dumdum mom because people don’t expect newbie mommies to know everything. So I said, baby not sleeping could be any number of reasons.  Sleep cycle depends on each baby? Baby has insomnia like his mom? Baby likes to play more at that age? Yeah, so it’s obviously the espresso bmilk that’s making it so difficult to put him to sleep. Every night I have to play Strauss and waltz him to sleep. I don’t know why he prefers Strauss to Mozart. If I had an LP of The Office’s theme song, that would do, too.

I wonder what his baby dreams are about. The other night, I woke up to a number of punches in the face while we were sleeping face to face. Now how could someone get some nice, restful sleep with that kind of bedfellow? And what fussy bedfellows I’ve had over the years. Before the baby fists, I would be awakened with a jolt as our kitties played around in the middle of the night. They’d jump on hubby’s and my faces and on the rest of our bodies, and sometimes they’d even take a nip on our toes. It was typical to find scratches on my face the next morning. Now, I have bruises. Sometimes I’d even wake up with pain on my scalp and find a clump of hair in his fist which he pulled from my head. Ow!


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