Sophie La Girafe

Meet the Jeraffee’s French lovie, Sophie, The World’s Most Famous Baby Teething Toy. And the most posh, too! (… with that price tag… tsk, tsk).

I’ve heard good things about this mademoiselle so hubby and I (mostly I) jumped on the bandwagon, along with the rest of the world and some famous celebrity mommies.

If she were mine, I’d give her a 10 just for being adorable. But Sophie is the Little Creature’s pet. Is she really the undisputed star that everyone is saying? Whatcha say, Little Creature?

Likey the squeaky sound Sophie makes when squeezed, but her taste is far from yummy, says he. (Yes, we mindspeak). He’d lose interest in a few seconds and find the white diaper cloth more interesting to wring and to play with.

I, too, think, she’s far from yummy. Went into vampire mode and sank my crooked teeth in her neck. Wanted to know what I’m giving my baby… and to find out what the hype is all about. Still don’t know what the hype is all about.  Was expecting Sophie to taste like gum paste.

Buyers beware. Don’t be fooled by Sophie’s cuteness. Talk about a femme fatale. Tristan got poked in the eye with her pointy ears and got kicked in the mouth with her gangly legs, making him cry.  Read some scary reviews saying that babies choked on her hooves. 

To settle the score, Tristan would bite her legs and squeeze her body and nip her head and wring her neck and drown her with drool. (Someone somewhere is about to launch a campaign against giraffe violence). 

pointy ear is mean to baby!

Tristan tops his giraffe torture by wrapping her in his Michelin folds like a boa constrictor.

Die, Sophie, die!

Sophie cries Uncle!

UPDATE: June 12

Looks like we’ve got our money’s worth after all.  Sophie’s frequent drool bathing has faded her spots.

Sophie the Albino Giraffe


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