Spin Pins

The next best thing to post its, paper clips, and regular hairpins?

It’s hard to say them without your tongue stumbling but they’re easy to use.

I’ve got bad, stubborn hair in need of boot camp. Lately, I have no choice but to pull it up in a yawn worthy ponytail lest I suffer from hair pulling from the Little Crit. (God, my bangs are fugly. I had them cut in Bench Fix. I usually have my haircut at Tony and Jackey but I wanted to try something new.  In BF, they killed my bangs).

As usual, I’m the last to know about one of the best inventions for hairstyling. The original ones are from Goody but they’re out of stock in all the stores I went to so I was able to order the imitations online. They came in cheap, too! 5 pairs for about P70. The shipping fee was more expensive. I’d probably find even cheaper ones in Divisoria but I won’t be going there anytime soon and I wanted to have the pins the moment I found out about them.

With just a pair, I was able to do a messy bun:

Took me a few tries. But I got the hang of it after a while. Great stuff for bad hair days.

Just Google spin pins for directions!  Lots of how-tos in the internet which I would probably just plagiarize if I weren’t too lazy to do so.

By the way, another great hair fash for bad hair days are used stockings. Cut the leg, knot the ends and use as a hairband. It looks classy and it’s ouchless, too.


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