I’m repeating myself, but really, where are you, good sleep?

Turning into a zombie. Have to stay away from plants to avoid being shot down.

Reaction time is slower.

If I fly out, I will be charged for excess baggage because of my chunky (and I do mean CHUNKY!) eye bags.

Now I look forward to heavy traffic flow and meaningless, out of the blue roadwork. These driving irritants are now much appreciated because the extended travel time in my family’s own vehicles allow me to steal some shut eye. (long, public commutes are still not my fave thing, of course. Some people are just so rude and repulsive. Step off my private space, miss, if you please?!?! Be kind to my nose and spritz on some cologne, miss, if you please?!?!)

I’ve invested some P50K in my eyes when I got LASIK surgery a few years back – one of the best expenditures I’ve ever made, by the way –  but now, my eyes are starting to blur from lack of quality  bonding time with my bed… feels like I’ve got tons of eye booger.

The rhythm and sound of the breast pump lulls me to sleep when I am in our office’s mother’s room – SHK!-squirt- SHK!-squirt- SHK!-squirt- SHK!-squirt- SHK!-squirt…

Lately, I find myself automatically logging out from the world. I would be jolted into consciousness and find myself in some place I am going to but couldn’t remember how I got there, or holding an item without remembering picking it up, or just feeling as if I’ve lost a few seconds without knowing why or how. These offline episodes last for just a moment.  Once, I was walking on the train platform inside the MRT station when I suddenly found myself on the other side of the turnstile. I was temporarily disoriented and I had to pause to get my bearings. Was I woozy because I just teleported?!?! I looked around excitedly to check if anyone saw me teleport and realized that I am amidst fellow zombies so of course, no one witnessed my newly acquired superpower.

I seriously need to get some quality, dead-to-the-world sleep.

I am wondering how the many super mommies out there are able to deal with these kind of stuff. I am amazed by them.


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