I’m so vein, pun intended

You would not believe the exaggerated veins that were running along my scrawny limbs. They were so puffed up they looked intentional — as if I have embellished myself with a print of a road map. Look closely and you will see the LRT lines 1 and 2 on my legs, and the streets of Manila on my arms. They got worse after my pregnancy. I thought I would be able to tolerate these intertwining lanes of green and blue and red after a week of traumatizing edema (Please, no more Frodo feet!), but one look at them especially under the harsh, unforgiving light (at my age, any lighting is bad lighting.) made me dash over to the dermatologist. The lines have grown into nasty, knotted highways!

I underwent a sclerotherapy three weeks ago. I’m not exactly sure how it works (Just Google, dude).  The doctor injected some fluid in those lumpy things and made me wear compression stockings even during bedtime. I was supposed to wear them all the time now but I only wore them for three days. The feeling is not very pleasant, wearing thick stockings underneath my pants… in this weather…

Yaiks about the cost, but if this means no more big, bulgy Arnold Schwarzewhatever veins, then so be it! Prick me! Prick me good!

After a few days, the results were evident. The long, green, embossed S on my front left leg has disappeared. But there are really a lot… and I do mean a lot of these things on my legs. Last weekend, I underwent my second session.  More pricks and pain and more discomfort as I am back to wearing these unsightly stockings under my pants.  Wearing them with skirts is out of the question. The things I do for vanity. 

Maybe I can forego the third session once the bulgy ones have receded.

Don’t expect any ‘pre-beautified’ pictures. 


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