Christmas in April!

‘Tis the season to be jolly!  This is the reason to be jolly –


Bonuses at work are always given in March/April. Of course, the bonuses are directly proportional to the income and the performance evaluation. The bonuses of the bosses and the IT professionals must be outrageously vulgar. Mine? Well, I’m a hmm-hmm paid employee but I can’t say I’m not happy about my bonus. Let’s just say that if I choose to, I can buy that Tod’s bag I’ve been lusting after with some $$$ left for a pair of Louboutins, wink, wink. But I won’t. Not yet. I’m impractical but still in a practical way.  Instead, I’m going to be generous… by helping to increase the sales of Zara and Mango and Nine West and Aldo and F21… Yup, being practical…

I got promoted (finally) and will have a $$$ increase this April — one of the reasons that stopped me from submitting my resignation letter. I’ve actually drafted this already and have informed my supervisors of my resignation but I retracted it a few weeks ago when I found out about the $$$.  The *yawn* job, the intolerable separation from dear little creature, the small handful of intolerable people have suddenly become tolerable with the help of $$$. Another reason is that I have again gotten accustomed to the daily routine. 

I would not hesitate to leave work if my ultimate dream of being a trophy wife could be fulfilled but to stay at home to attend to old fashioned, boring housewife-ish duties? (yeah, someone wants me to do just that and thank goodness it’s not hubby or else…) What an absolutely medieval, primeval, primitive — and all their synonyms’ — point of view.

My  hubby’s and my shares are performing quite nicely except for one company. I am now able to notice some trends (after a couple of years of trading, I’m only learning now, tsk, tsk). There are companies whose shares constantly increase and have left us behind and there are companies whose shares are stuck in an endless, almost predictable cycle –  price up, price down, price up, price down… I’m being vigilant with the second type aso I will be able to buy or sell at the right time.

The quarterly dividend payout from the Armed Forces Savings will be given around the 3rd week of April as well.

Ho $$$, ho $$$, ho $$$!

Oh, wait. I shouldn’t rejoice. That US trip almost a year ago has set me back some mean $$$. I still haven’t paid my debts to my mom because of that. Tsk, tsk. There goes all the moolah.


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