Something Selfless For a Change

WIll I be able to get to heaven by spewing milk for the non-Tristan babies?

The last time the nurses from the Philippine General Hospital dropped by at home to pick up frozen BM, they left these TY notes from the many mothers of the little creatures who have had a taste of my frozen delights. Awww…

My somewhat reluctant good deeds have helped many other little creatures out there… and there’s this peculiar tingling ting-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling sensation in my stony and materialistic heart (but this does not change anything. I’m still going to sell the milk if I can!)

Now that my own little crit has started eating Cerelac, our freezer gets jam-packed with milk so quickly. I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream this morning but I had to finish the Dairy Queen Double Dutch ice cream that I brought home for my dad the other day just to make room.

The nurses usually come about once or twice a month to pick up milk from home. Next week they will come by again. Did I mention that they also take home some of the malunggay leaves from our teeny garden?

Not my initial intention, but I do hope mommies, especially new ones, would somehow be inspired by my experience to breastfeed more.

Breastmilk 1

Breastmilk 2


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