High Heels High

Hubby and I went to the SM Masinag Mall this evening to tire out the little critter so he would sleep a good night sleep. I was happy to ignore the displays in the shops and immerse myself in little Tristan’s cute coos but then, there it was again, that evil, evil, but oh so beautiful and spectacular sign at 9West! 80% off !!!

My soles are yours, 9West! With nary a thought, I left Tristan with Hubby, marched into the store and came out with 3 pairs of shoes. Yeah, so they were sooo 2-3 years ago, but for P595 a pair, what a temptation!

The Sadock Wedges in purple are just too yummy and they fit my veiny feet so nicely.

dress, Warehouse. For some reason, I look like I have a George Hamilton tan

Common sense says there’s no sense in buying these Donley suedes… especially for summer.

…but I’m almost always feeling cold… even during the summer. See?

turtle neck shirt, Cache Cache; navy blue shirt dress, Mango

Plus they felt comfy when I tried them on so I just got to have them in black too! Gorgeous, right?

My sort of April Ludgate look (She’s my new fave tv character, btw) – sweater, F21; skinny jeans, Mango; accessories, Accessorize

They don’t have these Sensation booties in my size anymore, but being the good friend that I am, I told my friend C about the sale and like me, with nary a thought, she made me buy the pair for her. I’ll just satisfy myself by seeing them on my friend’s feet. I love seeing friends in gorgeous getups.

A former officemate describes the mall and its patrons as “jologs”, a Filipino slang/derogatory word used to describe dorky, cheap, low-class people/stuff. Me not caring! Call me “jologs” if you will, but this “jologs” struts in 9West boots!

What a rewarding Friday! I love you, 9West!

Love you, too, Little Creature.


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