It’s Time to Quit

Dear Me,

QUIT acting like a lemming. QUIT going with the flow; QUIT doing things you convinced yourself you wanted because it is what others want…but, really, you do not want THEIR DREAMS. GO do your own thing.

QUIT comparing yourself to others. QUIT listening to others compare you to others. There is no one else like you.

QUIT worrying about what others might think of you.  They DON’T care.  They’re too busy thinking of what others are thinking about them.

QUIT listening to others who try to belittle you. They can only do so with your consent.

QUIT mulling over the negative side of things.  Count your blessings. Count the little things that make life easier.  (Thank the Good Lord you didn’t experience the hardships in the concentration camps of Herr Fuhrer; or lived in Cambodia during Pol Pot’s time or experienced the reign of all those historical nasties. They didn’t have sanitary napkins then. How lucky are we, right?)

QUIT thinking that you’re most stressed out person in the world. You’re not.  There are many others who are more stressed out than you… and who are able to deal with it.

QUIT worrying about even the most trifle of things.  Worrying does nothing but add years to your true age: wrinkles, frown lines, eye bags, white hair… body odor… stress… health problems…worrying makes you ugly.

QUIT taking life so seriously. Laugh, giggle, smile. Live.


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