Milk? How about NO?

I’ve just had the weirdest proposition. I have this new colleague whose wife gave birth a few months ago and we got to talking about parenthood and babyhood and breastfeeding. His wife isn’t breastfeeding because their baby had gotten used to formula but she still has milk, so I asked, what happens to the bmilk?

He drinks it, says he nonchalantly…

…straight from the mamma machine!

Ummm…errr…. data buffering…10%…30%…52%… 73%…(this was really going very slowly)…88%…90%… data received.  He got me there, the sucker! No pun intended.

I realized he was being serious when I did a fake hahaha and he said it was true.  If she doesn’t ‘purge’ the milk, she’d be in pain and be at risk of having mastitis. He does have a point, you know?

Anyway, when he found out that I had extra milk, he asked why I wasn’t drinking it.  He was serious. Yuck, I said.

Then he asked if I could give him some. I thought he was asking for his baby, which was stupid because, weren’t you listening, M?? Didn’t he just say that their baby doesn’t like bmilk, M??? I should have ignored him, but I just had to ask why.

He’ll drink it, says he. He was serious. 

Ummm…errr…buffering again… how about a drink of some weirdness?

He said that milk is very healthy and he genuinely likes the taste. Again, he does have a point. Too each his own, I say, but….

The thought of me drinking my own milk is yucky maybe plainly because I hate milk. But then again, I can tolerate milk if it is mixed with something. Just thinking of putting my milk in my milk tea is just plain ewwww.

The thought of a coworker drinking my milk is just so tremendously off. Why not just put my milk in the pantry so everyone can put it in their espresso??? Why not even serve some during meetings? Yum … talk about a gourmet coffee.

Hey boss, would you like some bmilk in your cafe mocha?

How about if I just work something out with Starbucks so I can be their half and half supplier? Half of the milk from the left and half from the right mamma mammary. Haha.

Had he fanned some paper moolah to my face, it would have been a different story.

$$$ as usual. Hehehe.


3 thoughts on “Milk? How about NO?

  1. mogispie says:

    OMG I got nauseous just reading this, is he crazy??? Mind you, during a naughty session with the DH, he got a taste of my milk. He said its very sweet. I still think its gross and will never drink my own let alone someone else lol


    • Little Creature says:

      This made me laugh out loud: “during a naughty session with the DH…” 🙂

      I know what you mean about it being gross but I don’t know why we see it that way when we think drinking cow’s milk or eating goat cheese is totally fine. I sometimes have to resist the urge to gag when I have to sniff my own milk in the baby bottle to check if it is still ok for baby to drink or it is already spoiled. I thought it was odd when I came across ads in the site where bmilk is being sold where men were looking to buy milk. I guess they’re after the health benefits of drinking bmilk. But still… odd, hehe.


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