Good Finds (and not so good ones)

Tried some online shopping in Multiply once again and of course, as expected, there were some good finds and not so good ones, but they’re cheap finds so I’m not stressing on the not so good ones.

1. Touchbeauty heated eyelash curler (AAA batteries not included) – I heart this. What a steal!

For a mere P60, I got me-self Betty Boopish lashes. Compare:

Right eye – uncurled

Left eye – curled

It’s better than most of the curlers I’ve had. I recently bought an ELF curler because I read some good reviews about it but it did nothing to my lashes.

2. The Donut Bun – P30

No, sweetie, that’s not a Krispy Kreme donut

Donut head

How does it work?  Put up hair in a ponytail, insert it in the bun till the bun touches your head. Spread hair down and across the bun, tie tips of hair all over bun with rubber. Took me a few tries and I had to use hairpins to hide the spiky ends but I guess after a few more tries I’ll be able to get the hang of it. The meshy thingie was cheap for P30 but I just found out that you can make a similar bun using an old (and of course, clean) sock, hence the sock bun.

3. Bangs Pin – about P150 for a dozen (got a dozen because for some reason, I keep misplacing hair accessories. I bought a box of 300 hairpins years ago and I lost all of them.)

Da Fang for Da Bang (haha)

One piece does a great job in hiding fugly crooked bangs!

is that white hair?

It showcases the white underneath, though, so I’d better have my hair colored again before I use the pins.

4. Hairagami – Who could resist a P140 promise of some 200 good hair days?

Hairagami sobrang dami

Maybe I should have. There were just too many things going on in that box. I haven’t watched the CD but I’ve taken a look at some demos in Youtube. Some hairstyles are just too funny and absurd, maybe just to deliver the promise of 200+ hairstyles. I tested some of the stuff and they aren’t as easy as the instruction cards say. Some of the items seem easily breakable. The ‘braid le loom’ was missing one screw when I opened it but I’m not stressing on it because I most likely won’t use it anyway. The demo hairdo using that item was more appropriate for teens. Plus, the package didn’t have the free carryall bag.

5. Bun Hairstyler – P20

It’s too difficult to snap on and off, so it won’t work if you’re in a hurry. I have a similar one which I bought in Singapore in 2008 and I still use it until now (I do misplace it once in a while). It’s made of durable rubber so I thought this Jian Zhuang was the same but it’s made of hard plastic.

6.  Goody Spiral Bun for a messy updo – offline shopping in SM Department Store at around P500. Put up hair in a bun, insert hair in the spiral and turn spiral clockwise. Still getting the hang of it. It feels a little heavy on the head.

If it doesn’t work for the hair, it doubles as a bangle!

7. And of course, more of those fake but trusty spin pins. I got 10 pieces for P30. I’ve already misplaced a couple of pairs the last time I bought some so I want more of these! The black coating chips off after a few uses though. When my hair grows longer (and when I’ve misplaced all of the pins), I’m gonna buy me the Goody ones.

I’m sure I can get these items for a fraction of their retail online price in Divisoria but I’m not sure when I’ll be going there. Anyway, I’m starting to enjoy online shopping.


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